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Course(s) being taught

Did you download the Energy Safe Skills presentation?

Did you present the Energy Safe Skills presentation to your students?

Did you find Energy Safe Skills program resources informative and useful to you?

Before receiving information on Energy Safe Skills, was teaching about 811 or natural
gas safety a part of your course?

If yes, please describe the safety materiels you used.

We use this information to continuously improve our offerings. Your input and feedback are extremely important to us.

What part(s) of the curricula did you find most useful to yourself and to your students?

What changes would you make to the program? Are there any additional aspects of safety that you feel should be included?

Would you recommend this program to a colleague?

Did you use any of the curriculum support files on the instructor page? Please check all that apply.

We would appreciate your students’ feedback about the Energy Safe Skills program. Would you be willing to share the following link?  {{link here}}
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