A tutor teaches his class about renewable energy in an engineering workshop. They are all wearing protective eyewear and blue coveralls.


Builder Using Cement Mixer On Building Site With Apprentices


Your fellow instructors have taught the Energy Safe Skills program, and the results are in on what they think. Here is what they told us.

  • Energy Safe Skills resources are informative and useful.
  • They would recommend the program to a colleague.
  • They were not teaching safety before Energy Safe Skills.

Knowing how to stay safe at a job site when working around natural gas and other utilities is vital to both you and your community. Employers expect their workforce to know and follow safety protocols.

CenterPoint Energy is committed to providing energy and utility safety training through the Energy Safe Skills program.

As you prepare your students for jobs in construction, maintenance or related fields, Energy Safe Skills makes it easy to teach your students about natural gas and utility safety.

Teach your students how to be safe on the job!