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Whether your students are learning construction, maintenance or related fields, they need to know this information to keep themselves and others safe. Click this link to register your school, just general information on your school and number of students. New mini-grant amount below for taking a 2-minute survey.

Getting started.

View the instructional video first and then familiarize yourself with the presentation.


Two versions of the presentation are provided, use the one that best suits your needs. Both have quiz questions at the end.

The interactive version requires internet and allows you to click through the informative slides at your own pace. Students can complete individual quizzes online or as a group.

The video version can be downloaded and played from any device. You may pause the video for discussion as needed. Quizzes can be printed or continue play on the video for completion as a group.

For a PDF copy of the quiz questions, click here.

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Instructor Survey

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Safe Dig Indiana — NEW!

This free training resource can be used by anyone who works in excavation to learn more about working safely in Indiana. Select “Professionals” or “Homeowners” to access training about how the 811 system works and how to use 811 most efficiently.

Contact CenterPoint Energy

Contact CenterPoint Energy for more information on natural gas safety, to request additional instruction information or to request a CenterPoint Energy representative as a guest speaker.